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12V 4x2A PRO-LOGIX 4-Bank Battery Maintenance Station

Line : CLO

No : PL4020

The Model PL4020 Battery Maintenance Station from Clore Automotive is a perfect charger to meet the needs of mechanical repair shops, collision repair facilities, fleet operations, marinas and consumers. This two amp by four channel battery charger/maintainer features four independent output channels, each designed to properly charge a flooded or AGM (including spiral wound) battery.


This unit can save you time and money because it can charge or maintain up to four batteries at once. In addition to handling standard batteries, it works with absorbed glass mat (AGM) and spiral wound batteries. The unit has four independent control panels, allowing you to manage each battery independently. A simple switch lets you choose between standard and AGM batteries.


Four included sets of clamps and cables make it easy to hook up the charger/maintainer to a battery or batteries. Then simply push the start/stop bottom to put the fully automatic charger into action. LED lights keep you informed of progress on each battery. A bad connection warning and a reverse polarity warning will alert you if you have a problem battery on a specific channel and charging will stop on that channel until the problem is resolved. A green “Charge Complete” LED light will show you when a battery is fully charged.


Advanced charging logic, robust components, quick set-up and smart display feedback mean effective and efficient charging for your operation. That translates into better results, satisfied customers and increased profits if you run a business.


The small footprint and mountable design of this charger/maintainer make it versatile and adaptable for challenging applications. Weighing just 5.5 pounds, it includes four mounting holes for easy mounting in a shop. If you prefer not to mount it permanently, it includes a convenient hang hook so you can hang the unit wherever it makes sense for each application.


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