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550 Start Assist Amp 12V Capacitor Jump Starter

Line : CLO

No : JNC8550

You never know what type of vehicle will need a jump start, so it pays to carry a powerful jump starter that’s up to the task. The new Jump-N-Carry Ultracapacitor Jump Starters from Clore Automotive provide plenty of power for starting vehicles of all shapes and sizes. These starters are ideal for cars, SUVs and light- and medium-duty trucks.


These units utilize an ultracapacitor power source, which is largely unaffected by cold temperatures. Our all-season jump starters will provide approximately the same starting power in any condition, whether it is 70?F or -30?F.


In most cases, the jump starter can be charged using the battery from the disabled vehicle. But, these starters incorporate an internal reserve power lithium battery to charge the ultracapacitor if the disabled vehicle’s battery is too discharged to allow charging from it. The unit features a LED status gauge to indicate the readiness of the reserve power battery, allowing you to always know its ability to perform a jump start.


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