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1500 Peak Amp 12 Volt Jump Starter

Line : CLO

No : ES5000

The ES5000 Jump Starter from Clore Automotive is the everyday workhorse of the Booster PAC line. With a high-performance battery, 43-inch cable reach and automatic charging, it is the perfect jump starter for cars, trucks, boats and more.

Rugged and reliable, this unit is the choice of professionals around the globe as their go-to problem solver. And it doesn’t disappoint. Its ES Series battery, specifically designed for vehicle jump starting, delivers exceptional cranking power, extended cranking duration and long unit life.

Whether you are running an automotive service operation or need to make sure all the toys at your cabin fire up when needed, the ES5000 could become your new best friend. This 12V jump starter delivers 1500 peak amps and 400 cranking amps. That’s plenty of power to help make vehicles roar back into life.

In addition, this unit includes a female DC receptacle you can use to charge accessories and gadgets — practically anything with a 12V DC plug. That makes it a source of portable power you will always want to have with you. Because its 12-volt battery is sealed and non-spillable, you can store it in any position without worries.


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