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Carlyle 12/24V 850 Cranking Amp Jump Starter

Line : CLO

No : CJS24V850A

When you reach for your jump starter, it has to work — especially if you are a pro. If you need powerful, multi-volt charging in a portable unit, look no further than the CJS24V850A from Carlyle.

With an easy change between voltage settings, this starter packs a heavy-hitting 3400 peak amps of starting power in 12 Volt mode. In 24 Volt mode, it delivers 1700 peak amps of starting power.

Convenient as it is powerful, this unit has a built-in automatic charger that can provide up to 24-hour and 365-day continuous charging. Just plug it into a wall outlet with the included AC adapter cord. There is no danger of overcharging. This ensures it will always be ready to meet your needs, no matter what the situation.

The CJS24V850A comes with industrial-grade clamps to provide a secure connection. A 12VDC outlet lets you power accessories. The unit is backed by a one-year limited warranty.


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