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Carlyle 12 Volt 600 Cranking Amp Jump Starter

Line : CLO

No : CJS12V600A

Dead batteries are not all created equal. It simply takes more juice to jump start the more powerful batteries found on trucks as compared to jump starting a smaller passenger car like a sedan or a hatchback. A dead battery on a truck, construction equipment or a farm implement can present a big problem. But it becomes no problem at all with the CJS12V600A 2000 Peak Amp 12 Volt Jump Starter from Carlyle

With 2000 peak amps and 600 cranking amps of starting power, it will spin the starters on most medium duty commercial trucks. That includes vans, delivery trucks and SUVs typically included in classes one through three as well as medium trucks like box trucks and flatbeds and beverage and rack trucks.

You can cut a big battery problem with any of these large vehicles down to size with the CJS12V600A. Its high-capacity battery also satisfies the most aggressive portable power demands.

Convenient as it is powerful, its built-in automatic charger can provide up to 24-hour/365-day continuous charging. That means it will be ready for action any time you are.


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