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40-2000 CCA Electronic Battery & System Tester w/Printer

Line : CLO

No : BA327

Effective battery analysis made easy. That perfectly describes the BA327 Digital Battery and System Tester with Printer from Clore Automotive. This handheld unit offers a complete testing solution for 6 Volt and 12 Volt batteries and 12 Volt and 24 Volt charging systems. With an operating range down to 1.5V, it can even accurately test discharged batteries and features a testing capacity from 40 to 2000 CCA.

This unit is versatile, accurate and convenient. Compatible with a wide variety of battery types, the BA327 is designed to test flooded, AGM flat plate, spiral wound, gel cell, start-stop AGM and enhanced flooded batteries. This tester can test battery sizes from powersport to group 31 batteries.

This unit is a cinch to use. Simply choose the battery type, identify the rating system for testing and input the battery rating. The tester then runs through the testing process, which includes temperature compensation, and provides the results, including the determined value of the battery being tested. The backlit display makes test results easy to read even in low-light conditions or bright light.

After the battery test is complete, the operator can conduct a starting system test and an alternator output test to provide a complete service solution. The integrated printer provides quick and easy service documentation. Shop contact information can be included on printouts.

Its extra-long 10’ cable leads provide flexibility and make it easy to access even hard-to-reach areas. The cable ends are field replaceable, meaning you can make repairs and extend the life of this product quickly and easily. This tester includes (6) AA batteries, a roll of printer paper, side post adapters and a manual in a convenient storage case.


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