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Castrol - Wakefield Canada

About Castrol - Wakefield Canada

Wakefield Advantage Wakefield is a Canadian-Owned Business that Understands the Importance of Being Agile, Adaptable, and Responsive. We pride ourselves on providing comprehensive communication, sales, marketing, and distribution solutions to our 5000+ customers. Our focus on attention and service excellence is a key differentiator that makes choosing Wakefield the right decision. Our Brand Strength Wakefield's brand portfolio includes Castrol premium lubricants (Castrol EDGE, GTX Magnatec, GTX, Vecton, CRB, and more), along with a complete lineup of Wakefield branded products, and SuperClean, a line of cleaners and degreasers for which Wakefield is the exclusive trading partner in Canada. ThinkTank Wakefield Think Tank provides managed inventory and delivery, keeping your business topped up. Sales Support Footprint At Wakefield, our focus on attention and service excellence rings through in everything we do and is brought to life by the passionate and tenured team at Wakefield Wakefield has an experienced national sales force of automotive professionals dedicated to serving our diverse customer base. It is also a Canadian based customer care team who approaches every day with a customer-first philosophy and a keen focus on customer service Wakefield, the right decision.

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