Spectra Premium Mobility Solutions

Spectra Premium Mobility Solutions

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The intercooler’s function, like other heat transfer parts like the radiator or condenser, is to use air movement to cool. However it differs in two important ways: this part is in fact a component of the air intake system, and instead of cooling a fluid, it cools the air that circulates within its tubes. By cooling the air that goes into the engine, the intercooler increases the density of oxygen to improve combustion on vehicles equipped with a turbocharger. This part has the same function as a charge air cooler, but for light duty applications.

  • Manufactured with the highest quality components to ensure product quality and durability
  • Designed with high density multi-louvred fins for maximum cooling efficiency
  • Precisely engineered for a perfect fit
  • All units are leaked tested to ensure a damage-free unit at the installation.


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