Spectra Premium Mobility Solutions

Spectra Premium Mobility Solutions

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Heavy Duty Radiator

The main component of the cooling system, a radiator’s main purpose is to keep an engine at the optimal operating temperature, which it achieves by absorbing excess heat generated by the engine and lowering the coolant temperature with the air passing through the vehicle’s front grille. The Heavy Duty version of the radiator fits light and heavy-duty trucks, and off-highway equipment. They are built to sustain more stress and more heat generated over long periods of time.

  • 100% new, no Core Charges
  • Stress relief cuts and clevis pins added to reduce stress on the headers
  • Funnel-shaped tube to header for durability and strength
  • Highest quality materials, workmanship and tooling
  • Every unit is pressure and fit-tested
  • Transit tested with robust packaging to shield part from damage in shipping


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