Spectra Premium Mobility Solutions

Spectra Premium Mobility Solutions

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Classic Fuel Tank

A fully restored classic or muscle car would not be complete without a matching classic fuel tank that respects all the original out of-factory specifications without any logo or print. These dream machines burn through more than their fair share of gasoline and they need the right gas tank to carry it all.

  • Made with corrosion-resistant, OE-approved Ecokote coated steel for durability
  • Lock ring included with each tank to reduce installation time and ensure a complete repair
  • Each unit is leak-tested after production to ensure product in free from fuel and / or evaporative leaks
  • Each new fuel tank is fit-tested and road-tested to ensure an easy installation and real-world performance
  • Packaged with double-layered foam wrap and heavy-gauge corrugated board to ensure product quality at the installation
  • Unit is designed to OE fit, form and function requirements by leveraging our OE fuel system design expertise.


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