2022 NAPA XPO Sale

The 2022 edition of the NAPA XPO Sale will take place from August 29 to October 7, 2022, inclusively, for six weeks across Canada. The event will be held entirely online, and each Exhibitor will have their own virtual booth with a certain number of selected products and special prices integrated into the Electronic Order Form (EOF).

The XPO Sale consists of 2 web platforms.

The NAPA XPO Sale Website

  • Supplier booths
  • The rewards
  • Unique suppliers’ promotions in their booth

Electronic Order Form (EOF)

  • Ordering tools for Stores
  • Installers do not have access to the EOF

New in 2022

  • Installers have access to the complete list of prices and products on the website
  • Installers can make a product preselection and create a draft version of their order. * See the Draft Order section for more details
  • Product categories on the XPO Sale website
  • Tool to search by keyword on the XPO Sale website

NAPA XPO Sale Website

General Information

  • Supplier booths and their product sheets. *50 selected products in the booth, but the complete list available in the search engine.
  • The rewards
  • Special supplier promotions in their booth
  • Weekly podcasts
  • Special news

Installers Access

  • Contact your store to get an access
  • Click here if you forgot your password: Password lost

Once logged in, Installers have access to:

  • The complete list of prices and products
  • Create a draft version of their order
  • Order their rewards

Installers Draft Orders

Installers can now make a preselection of products and create a draft order.

  1. The Installer must log in on with the access you created for them.
  2. They have access to the complete list of prices and products
  3. They can make a preselection of products in the booths or using the search engine
  4. They can see their draft orders on their profile
  5. Once the installer submits its draft order, the Stores must complete it in the EOF
  6. Contact your store to make sure they complete your draft order.

See the Installer’s draft order tutorial.

Management of the Orders

New in 2022 : The installer can create draft orders.

Important : The stores need to approve and complete the installer’s draft orders. The store can still create orders from scratch in the EOF.

Cancel Orders

Contact your stores to cancel orders.

Exported Orders

Orders placed in the EOF are exported to the NAPA servers 1 to 2 times a week, depending on your DC:

  • Moncton: Tuesday and Thursday
  • Quebec City: Wednesday
  • Montreal: Wednesday
  • Cambridge: Tuesday and Thursday
  • Winnipeg: Tuesday and Thursday
  • Calgary: Monday and Thursday
  • Edmonton: Monday and Thursday
  • British Columbia: Tuesday and Thursday

DCs are responsible for processing orders after EOF export.

Orders are then processed in chronological order and according to product availability.

Promotion, XPO points and Rewards

XPO Points

Each purchase made in the EOF gives XPO points to the Installers.

  • Installers automatically earn 25 XPO points for every $10 purchase
    • Calculation: purchase amount X 2.5 = number of points
    • Example: $1,000 purchase X 2.5 = 2,500 points

Supplier’s Special Promotion

Some suppliers offer additional promotions in the EOF or their booth.

  • You can see the list in the Promotion tab

Ordering a Reward

  1. The Installer must connect via to order their rewards themselves
  2. The Installer should go to the Reward tab
  3. The Installer can then select a reward and click on Order this reward to automatically add it to their order
  4. Installers can then view their ordered rewards on their profile

Reward Order Process

  • All reward orders will be processed after the event
  • An installer can, therefore, modify, replace or cancel a reward order until October 7, 2022.

Delivery of Rewards

  • The shipping of rewards begins in mid-November
  • Depending on the rewards, delivery can take up to a month
  • If certain rewards are unavailable or take longer to deliver, affected customers will be contacted individually.
  • Rewards will be delivered to Stores and then distributed to customers
  • Rewards in the form of gift certificates will be emailed directly to the customer’s address

Avalanche Promotion

  • If your XPO points are not used before October 7, 2022, they will automatically be transferred to their Avalanche account.
  • If you do not have an account with the Avalanche promotion, the XPO points will be lost.
  • Contact your store representative for more information on the Avalanche Promotion.


If you have any questions about the 2022 NAPA XPO Sale, don’t hesitate to contact us at

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