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NAPA PROLink is a web platform where customers and suppliers choose from a catalogue of products to make their orders. Launched in Canada in 2003, the website has evolved and is now in its fourth version.

“The dynamics and laws of the market have been evolving for several years. The market itself requires constant change and we must be constantly be moving with it,” noted Michel Bibeau, Director of Sales Force Technology. “Our development teams make a point of being very agile so that the NAPA PROLink website is very dynamic and constantly updated,” he added.

A Website That Is Evolving

In 2019, the NAPA PROLink team finished another complete overhaul of the web platform. The team put together a new website with dynamic features. Everyone understands that a website must be in perpetual motion and that work teams must be able to manage change. “Managing change can’t only be done by a handful of individuals, it must be done by all our employees,” emphasized Michel Bibeau. Today, a team has already been assembled to create the latest design for the new version of the website, which is planned for the beginning of 2023.

Managing Change

In the workplace, there is still a certain reluctance to change, with difficulties often related to technology. Many employees can feel insecure and relegate any technical problems to their peers. The PROLink product line is very profitable, which is why representatives must be able to understand the technology behind this website to get the most from it.

NAPA PROLink is responsible for giving employees the tools they need and ensuring they have access to training that allows them to take initiatives in their work. “The training we offer is interactive, with short videos that explain how the platform works, allowing them to learn and find answers to their questions,” confirmed Michel Bibeau.

Rapid Growth

NAPA PROLink had a 13% increase in the number of orders its customers made compared to the year before. What is its great strength? The quality of its electronic catalogue and the functionalities that make it easy to search for products.

If you want to find out more about the many PROLink features, listen to Michel Bibeau and Benoît Hurtubise’s discussion on XPO Radio.







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