Do You Know Axalta?


Did you know that Axalta has a long history in the paint coating industry?

Founded more than 150 years ago, the Canadian company is well established internationally with more than 48 training centres around the world. It also has 47 dedicated paint manufacturing plants for commercial, industrial and automotive products.

Axalta has 29 research and development laboratories, and 4 major research and development centres, the largest of which is located in Philadelphia.

The company has 300,000 employees spread out all over the world. All these facts prove one thing: Axalta is a global leader in the paint coating market.

Axalta’s Main Activity

The company focuses on the creation of automotive paint and is involved in the automotive aftermarket with NAPA for repainting damaged cars. Axalta is also present in the car and heavy truck manufacturing industry.

A Multinational

Axalta has offices throughout the world and owns many brands in different markets. However, Axalta’s most important market is North America, where the company has huge market shares.

“We have a global outlook, our company is on the international market. We have over 48 paint manufacturing centres around the world. We are very involved in research and development and are setting up new and even more efficient painting processes. Our largest centre is in Philadelphia. It’s a brand new facility that’s been around for four or five years,” noted Paul L. Cormier, National Account Manager at Axalta.

The company has made many acquisitions in recent years, which has helped to strengthen its global presence and is reason for its strong growth.

If you want to discover some of Axalta’s best-selling products, listen to the XPO Radio interview with Paul L. Cormier from Axalta.




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