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Dorman Products is an internationally recognized Canadian company with extensive expertise in the automotive aftermarket. Founded over 100 years ago, in 1918 to be more precise, the company is known for its aftermarket solutions. When original parts on a vehicle fail, Dorman Products offers unique replacement solutions through innovative solutions.

“If you go to a dealer, they will probably offer you to buy a complete set, which is very expensive. If you come to us, we’ll make the missing part and you won’t need to pay for assembly. This will be more economical for you and for the end user,” noted John Mejia, Account Manager at Dorman Products, adding “we only sell the missing part, that’s our great strength.”

Innovate to Better Stand Out

Dorman Products continues to innovate and introduce new products to the market. Involved in emerging technologies since 2004, it is also linked to the NexDrive initiative, a network of maintenance and repair Auto Centres for electric and hybrid vehicles.

Aware that gasoline-powered cars still represent the majority of vehicles on the road, the company knows full well that it is not in its best interest to ignore the emergence of hybrid and electric vehicles.

“You have to go where the industry is going. And hybrid and electric cars are not that different from gasoline cars. There are many things that can be transposed to this type of vehicle. We are also leaders in the design of new products for electric and hybrid vehicles, now with 52 product categories for hybrid cars,” affirmed said John Mejia.

A Very Interactive Website

Dorman Products is a company focused on its customers’ needs. Its interactive website offers a training centre with free online courses and advice from technicians. Among the many other features on the website, consumers are invited to communicate and share their ideas for new products.

The website also has a tab where visitors can submit a form to ask any questions they have, in addition to the company’s extensive product catalogue.

Visit the Dorman Products website to find everything you are looking for.

For more information about Dorman Products, make sure to listen to the interview with John Mejia, Account Manager at Dorman Products on XPO Radio, the official radio of the 2022 NAPA XPO Sale.






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